June 2014 Posts

Messing with your Golf Buddies

A casual round of golf is meant to be fun, and having fun often times means joking around with your buddies on the course.  So, next time you win a couple of bucks off your friends, or a free dinner, just send me a simple thank you.

Here we go!

1. Shadows are so distracting 

It is only fair the I start this post off with what messes me up the most. Maybe its OCD or ADD, but all I know is that there is nothing more distracting than when I start watching my shadow while swinging. It’s like I’m going one way and my reflection on the ground is going another.  Point out my shadow, and i’ll show you the worlds biggest slice.

2. The ole pre-swing tip

There is nothing that screws up a golfer more than having too many thoughts running through their head before a shot. The average swing is just over 1 second from start to finish, which doesn’t allow much time for thought. Tell you buddy their grip looks strange, or ask if that hitch in their swing is on purpose…nothing scarier than being insecure about your golf swing moments before a shot!

3. Running over their ball in the fairway with your cart

Hitting the fairway isn’t easy, unless you’re Fred Funk, so naturally the average golfer gets pretty pumped when they manage to do so. Well, time to take your buddy off their high horse. Obviously they will notice, and of course they will remove the ball from the hole it is buried in, but it’s the mind games that we love. They will yell at you, and maybe even be angry for a few seconds, which usually carries over into the following shot. Classic goof job.

 4. Blatantly walking in their putting line  

Putting is so incredibly frustrating and hard that even the pros miss the majority of their putts outside 10 feet. So why do we miss our putts? Damaged greens, lots of wind, maybe even your putter is broken. The one thing we know for sure is that it is never our fault! However, there is no actual rule against walking in someone’s line, it is simply a gentleman’s rule, which of course, doesn’t apply when you are messing around with friends. So, after you putt, casually wander over your buddy’s imaginary putting line, and carry on with your business while they putt. More often than not they will miss, then immediately blame you.

Golf is a game played between one’s ears. The mental aspect is everything. That is why a little trickery here and there is always a lot of fun….for you, not your buddies.

Ping i25 and G25 Driver Review

After testing and learning about the Ping i25 and Ping G25 for the past week I decided to write my next blog for you guys. First off, both of these clubs look, feel and sound great. The matte black finish on both the heads is definitely an A+ in my book.

Ping i25 Driver (9.5 Loft, Tour Stiff, PWR 65 Shaft)

New Features:

1. The Most Notable Feature: The new design on the club head on this driver makes lining up the ball at the tee extremely easy but not in a gaudy way. The darker matte black racing stripes are not distracting at all. These stripes help create more-consistent ball striking thus causing better results off the tee.

2. Most Important Features: Ping differs from other club making companies by having the CG position in the low-back of the club head. They do this by putting in 2 high-density tungsten weights which help reduce spin and create a flatter ball flight with less curve on it. This feature will help players find more fairways when they are on the course.


The Ping i25 is a great driver for most players even though it said to be more of a players club. The alignment on the head of the club is good for all players and the low-back CG makes the club more forgiving then last years i20. The sound and feel of the club is great and will help you get the results needed to shoot the score you want.

Ping G25 (9.5 Loft, Stiff,  TFC 189D Shaft)

New Features:

1. The Most Notable Feature: Ping has finally introduced added an adjustable hosel to the G series drivers. This trajectory tuning technology gives players the ability to by adjusting the loft by + or – 1/2 a degree of loft.

2. The Most Important Feature: This has to be the large, forgiving head on the G25. This 460CC head is Pings longest, most forgiving design making it a great club for high to mid handicappers. This head will give players the confidence to get the ball off the tee with a high degree of accuracy will also helping to get the distance needed.


The Ping G25 is a great club for players at all levels but it is designed for the high to mid handicappers.  The big head will help on miss hits do to the forgiveness of the large head so a bad shot will still keep you in play. Also the adjustability makes it appeal to a much bigger market.


Both the Ping G25 and i25 are great clubs with an awesome look and feel, much different then most clubs out on the market today. The G25 is a forgiving club that is great for players who just need help getting on the fairway while not compromising your distance off the tee. The i25 has a flatter ball flight that is desirable for someone who balloons the ball off the tee and also likes to be able to work the club both ways. Both clubs are great choices and strongly recommend getting fitted for both and see which club fits you best.