Cram Session

The big match is tomorrow and you only have a little bit of time to figure it all out.  Let’s walk through an hour long cram session.


Stretch! Rushing into hitting balls is only going to lead to a frustrating session.  Get your hamstrings and upper body loose.  Take a few minutes to get yourself moving […]

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Bushnell Tour V3 Range Finder

New Features:

1. Most Notable Feature:

The New Tour V3 has a new technology called JOLT. This JOLT technology is my favorite innovation with range finders and should be in all laser going forward. Once you hit the target/pin, you feel a little vibration and the yardage pops straight up in front of your eye. Its simple […]

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Sunday at Tallgrass was bigger than just 1 qualifier

Leading up to our first New York qualifier we were told it would be impossible to get millennial golfers to give up their Sunday afternoon for a golf tournament, especially one that was run by two relatively new organizations, GolfMatch and Nextgengolf.  That notion, as well as the thought that golf is declining in popularity […]

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GolfMatch iOS 1.6.3

GolfMatch iOS 1.6.3 has hit the store! Below are some of the updates, as well as bug fixes. Please let us know your feedback!

Bug fixes:

Facebook Sign-In : We’ve fixed several issues with Facebook Sign-In, so if you were having issues getting in, you should be all set now!
Push Notifications : We noticed some of you guys/gals […]

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Herding Cats, The Battle Against Slow Play

Slow play exists at every level of golf. Starting from beginners analyzing each contour of the fairway, and perfecting their practice move, only to advance the ball a few yards; all the way to Tour Pro’s being put on the clock, or even penalized a shot. Slow play is stunting the growth of the game.  […]

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Adams Pro Mini Hybrid & Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid Review

Adams Pro Mini Hybrid & Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid Review

Adams Pro Mini Hybrid

New Features:

1. Most Notable Feature:

The slot technology that Adams has right behind the club face really causes the ball to fly off the face. This slot gives the head a weird look but after a few swings you rarely even notice it. […]

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A Changing Of The Guard In Golf

The 2014 Open Championship felt like a changing of the guard in golf, and to be honest, it was a pretty cool feeling. It goes to show that there is much more to the game than Tiger and Phil going head-to-head or steady eddy Matt Kuchar, Instead, this tournament showcased the names we will be […]

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Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 & Scotty Cameron GoLo 3 Review

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

New Features:

1. Most Notable Feature:

The new, updated Select Newport has a classic silver finish and a long neck. Also, Scotty thinned out the top line of the putter, this gives the you a better feel for the putt you’re about to hit. To give you even more feel and trust in […]

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2014 Open Preview and Predictions

Fun Facts:

Most Appearances- 46, Gary Player
First played in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club
Oldest Winner- Old Tom Morris at age 46
Younger Winner- Young Tom Morris at age 17
Bobby Jones won 3 times as an amateur golfer

The 2014 Open Preview

On July 17th Golf’s 3rd ‘Major’ will be underway with the game’s biggest names all competing.  The field […]

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Titleist SM5 Vokey & Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge Review

Titleist SM5 Vokey & Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge Review

This week I have decided to look for a new wedge and my choices were between the Titleist SM5 Vokey and the Cleveland 588 RTX. Both wedges have a similar look on the back of the club but the faces look and feel completely different.

Titleist SM5 Vokey […]

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