Have you ever had trouble finding other young professionals to golf with in your city? If you have, you’re not alone. That is why GolfMatch and NextGenGolfhave teamed up to make a difference. We will be hosting 4 qualifiers to find the premier millennial golfers who will compete in our Annual Young Adult City Championship taking […]

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Ping G30 Driver Review

Ping G30 Review

Ping has recently introduced the G30 driver and it is a complete revamp of their previous G25 driver. Everything from the head to the stock shaft is designed to give you longer, straighter drives. Whenever a company comes out with a new driver they say it will be longer and straighter, but did […]

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My Favorite Golf Vacation Destinations

Destination Golf: The Best of the Best in Ocean City, MD and Atlantic City, NJ

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found that planning an annual golf trip is almost as difficult as stepping up to the first tee with the gallery behind you. Let’s face it, whenever we go out of our way to […]

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I, Ryan Devlin, Am Addicted To Golf

I was at the Barclay’s this past weekend and realized to myself how much I truly love and enjoy the game of golf, then wanted to stand on top of a mountain with a megaphone to talk about it.

Golf is an addiction for me. So here I am saying “My name is Ryan and I […]

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Why Should We Be Excited For The FedEx Cup?

What an exciting 2014 PGA Season we have had so far!  I for one thought the majors were better than ever with Bubba getting his 2nd green jacket tailored in 3 years, Martin Kaymer decimating the field at Pinehurst achieving his 2nd major title, and Rory hosting his 2nd PGA Championship trophy, as well as […]

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What Makes A Golfer Happy

There is so much fuss these days about the “state of golf” and what we can day to improve the game. First and foremost, there will always be critics in any sports, so to say golf needs to “change” is a bit drastic, but with participation down in recent years it does make sense to […]

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Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons Review

This year Mizuno decided take a game improvement iron and use their patented grain flow forged technology. This game-improvement iron no longer has a goofy, bulky look to it. Instead it looks like a mix between a game-improvement and players iron. The JPZ-EZ Forged irons are made for a player with a handicap in between […]

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14 Clubs, 1 Bag

In the rules of golf, we are allowed to have 14 golf clubs in our bag during a round.  Picking these 14 clubs properly is very important.  Everyone needs a putter, so let’s put that aside and focus on the other 13.

Being fit for a driver is a good first step.  This is going to […]

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Time to Change the Grips

Time to Change the Grips

Choosing the right grip for you can be an extremely difficult job, especially when you have no clue what you are looking for. Grips range anywhere from firm to soft, durable or comfortable, even the amount of surface texture makes a difference with how to club feels in your hand.

1. Grips […]

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The Major That Cemented A New Era

The 2014 PGA Championship was bigger than 1 tournament, it was beyond a changing of the guard, it was a perfect display of what the new era of golf looks like.  The new era consists of booming drives, young polarizing talents, and incredible shotmaking that keeps golf fans on the edge of their seat. Rory’s […]

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