The Naked Truth About GolfMatch

My name is Peter Kratsios, I am the Founder & CEO of GolfMatch, and I want the supporters of GolfMatch to know that our app is not merely a product, but rather a tool that serves as the key to our mission. A mission that solves the fundamental problems of both golfers and courses, breaks […]

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The Ryder Cup In All It’s Glory

Euros and Yanks,

It’s finally here! The best golf tournament that doesn’t include any monetary purse, which only occurs once every 2 years, and bragging rights that stretch across the globe.  Yes, I am talking about the Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup, which started in 1927 has been played once every 2 years with the only exceptions […]

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8 Fun Facts About Caddies

1.  Historians believe that the term “caddie” came from Mary, the Queen of Scots in the late 16th century. Mary grew up in France where military cadets carried golf clubs for royalty and it’s said that when Mary immigrated to Scotland, she took the term “caddie” with her.

2.  Most PGA Tour caddies make between $1000 and $1500 […]

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Scor 4161 Wedges

Scor 4161 Wedges
Most wedge manufacturers sell wedges from 48-62 degrees of loft, but not Scor. Scor has changed the game.  These wedges, or as they like to say scoring clubs, come in 41 to 63 degrees of loft. That means you now can have the same type of clubs from your wedges all the way […]

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Kings of New York 1Day 4Man Scramble

The summer may be over, but golf season certainly is not! We just finished our City Championship between New York and Boston, which went so well, we couldn’t resist getting everyone back together for a great day of golf.

The “Kings of New York” 1 day event will be a 4man scramble for millennial golfers 18-34, with custom Jones Golf Bags going […]

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Breaking 90- Mastering The Drive

Welcome back to Breaking 90! Your home for tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you and me finally join our buddies in the 80’s. I hope last week’s focus on warming up left you with nothing but great shots and low scores. I am happy to say that I had a great round. Although, […]

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Callaway Apex Utility Iron

Callaway Apex Utility Iron

Just so everyone knows, utility irons (driving irons) are not designed for everyone. They are designed more towards the better/lower handicap player. These clubs have the look and feel of a longer iron, while being a little bit more bulky and forgiving. Another plus on driving irons is that they are extremely […]

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Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About #BillyHo

9 Facts

1.  After missing the cut in the first FedEx Cup playoff event and falling to No. 82 in the world standings, Horschel won the FedEx Cup by rattling off a record-breaking 12 straight rounds in the 60’s, resulting in a runner-up and two victories, one of the victories being the Tour Championship.

2.  During Horschel’s improbable run […]

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Lots and Lots of…Balls

Lets talk balls, lots of them.

Some are hard, some are soft, some spin more, some less, some can cost as little as .25 and some can cost over $3.00.  Many amateurs use balls they find on the course while others mimic the pros they watch on TV.

Technology in golf balls over the last 5 years […]

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The Champs Are Here

The golf industry needs more millennials to play each year, but they haven’t really figured out a way to appeal to this highly desirable demographic. Well, we have. The inaugural City Championship between New York and Boston was played last weekend at Shining Rock in Massachusetts. We had 16 golfers on each team competing against […]

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