Titleist 915F & Fd 3 Wood Review

Titleist 915 F & Fd 3 Wood Review

Titleist has recently come out with their new 915 wood line. The 913’s were great but they seemed to produce way too much spin. Naturally, Titleist did their homework to find ways to improve these clubs by lowering the spin rate, increasing the ball speed, and making the […]

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Halloween, Golf Style

Happy Halloween hackers!

Hope fall has treated you all well! For the Northerners, hope you have been able to take advantage of this mild October weather which is odd, but a nice treat!

Speaking of nice treats, this is the time of year when you constantly see people dressed like their favorite characters in Horror Movies, TV […]

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Fantasy Focus: CIMB Classic

Welcome to the first edition of GolfMatch’s very own Fantasy Focus. A weekly guide to best fulfill your fantasy golf fantasies. Fantasy golf enthusiasts are a proud, dedicated bunch who I’m honored to call my brethren. I look forward to helping escort you through the murky waters that encapsulate the fantasy golf universe, so feel […]

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9 Fun Facts about Ted Bishop

Ted Bishop was removed as President of the PGA of America

1.  Ted had only one month left as the President of the PGA of America, with no remaining tournaments to oversee before he was fired.

2.  Although the PGA Tour will continue to recognize Bishop as a past president, he will not enjoy “the rights and privileges” of […]

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9 Fun Facts on Tiger’s New Course

Tiger Woods Designs His First Golf Course, here’s what you need to know!

The course will be named El Cardonal, located in the Diamante development in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is expected to open on December 16th.
Only Diamante homeowners and resort guests able to play the course.
El Cardonal will play approximately 7,400 yards from the tips […]

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New Coach, New Swing?

Hey Hackers,

This week I will touch on one of the most talked-about golfers in history, a dude named Eldrick Woods.

I am not here to say “he’s back!” or “”he is done for!”- there are hundreds of articles discussing those very things.  What I really want to discuss is a much more burning question, ”who will […]

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Better Food, Faster Swing

A round of golf can be anywhere from 3-5 hours long, which gives us a lot of time to get hungry and thirsty. Sure golf isn’t the most grueling sport out there, but as far as I am concerned, a round of golf WIPES ME OUT for the rest of the day. That being said, […]

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Slow Play, No Play

One of the hot topic’s in golf these days is why the game is in such steep decline, especially amongst millennials. As a 28 year old millennial myself, I think the culprit is as simple as slow play.

Someone might ask, how does slow play drive people from the game? Here’s how. Imagine Frank’s a 33 […]

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Honma Beres S-03 Driver Review

Honma Beres S-03 Driver

Before talking about the driver, I want to give you some information about Honma golf and what separates them from other golf companies. To start, Honma hand-crafts all of their clubs from start to finish in Sakata, Japan. No other company in the United States makes every single component of their golf […]

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The Rise and Fall of David Duval

Someone recently asked me, “who are the greatest golfers in the last 20 years?” I rattled off names like Tiger, Phil, Rory, Ernie, Vijay, and more. However, the name David Duval failed to cross my mind. In hindsight, it absolutely should have, but it is amazing how far he has fallen in such a short […]

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