Every Foursome Has Four Distinct Personalities

Most avid golfers have a group of buddies they typically play with. The crew you count on every Sunday to be there at 7:30 am. Every group has their own distinct personalities that together create the recipe for a perfect foursome.

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4 reasons why you WANT to create your own GolfMatch Group

Last week, when I was walking back to the 18th tee after hitting my drive 30 yards out of bounds, I started thinking: How will our new “Groups” tool truly impact me? The 4 reasons I came up with probably pertain to you as well…

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Top 10 Things Not to Say When Your Partner is Going Low

Whether you are a 30 handicapper or a scratch golfer, we all have career days, and we all know they only count if we’re playing with someone. Have you ever been playing with close pals and realized with every hole that you were one closer to finally breaking through and shooting your low score. After all, isn’t that what we all play for?

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