Would you play 18 holes 365 days/year?

I was recently asked on the golf course, “how amazing would it be to play golf every day this year!?”

At first, it was the most no-brainer answer of all time, “Sign me up!” – I said without hesitation.

However, the more we thought about it the more we discussed what that would actually entail. It would mean playing in cold weather, rainy days, tough conditions, blisters, etc.  When you put things into literal terms the conversation definitely changes. So we talked about it, weighed the pros and cons, and came to this conclusion…

HELL YEA we would play 18 holes 365 days of the year!

Rainy days? That’s what jackets are for.

Cold weather? Put on an extra layer.

Blisters? Grab a band-aid.

My point is…I love golf…unconditionally.  I am willing to face the elements to get 18 in, and relish the challenge of tired legs and sore hands to play the very next day. Heck, if there’s enough daylight I’d play 36, and I think you would too.

@AdidasGolf and @TaylorMadeGolf started this concept, but GolfMatch will be #18_365 on Instagram and Twitter posts this year that demonstrate our shared mindset. We would love for you to join in on the fun and share your experiences with us!

Would you play when no one else will?

** or in this case, when everyone would **

Peter Kratsios

Founder & CEO — Avid golfer looking to take your money on the course — I love all things sports, but my passion is golf!

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