Titleist AP1 714 Irons vs Titleist AP2 714 Irons Review

Titleist Ap1 714 Irons & Titleist Ap2 714 Irons Review

Titleist Ap1 714 Irons

New Features:

1. Most Notable Feature:

The duel cavity that Titleist inserted into the Ap1 irons have made them a very forgiving club. These clubs are considered to be their longest, most forgiving irons yet, with the duel cavity being the biggest reason. It does make the […]

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The Art of Course Management

People say golf is a game played between the ears, and that the mental aspect trumps the physical nature of it. Well, whoever says that, is right. I was told at an early age to “never make 2 mistakes in a row” which didn’t make sense until I started competing competitively. There is a big […]

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Your PGA Championship (Betting) Guide

The last Major of 2014 is already here, and I cannot believe how fast this year flew by! Nowadays more and more people indulge in fantasy pools, bet on the winners, or simply put their pride on the line with friends.  So, here is your official (betting) guide for the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf […]

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