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Srixon Z 545 Driver Review

Srixon Z 545 Driver

Cleveland/Srixon have been planning for some time now that they were going to concentrate more on Srixon for the woods and irons while Cleveland sticks to what they are best at, which are wedges. They have come out with 2 drivers, hybrids and 2 sets of irons. The reason for coming out […]

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Titleist 915F & Fd 3 Wood Review

Titleist 915 F & Fd 3 Wood Review

Titleist has recently come out with their new 915 wood line. The 913’s were great but they seemed to produce way too much spin. Naturally, Titleist did their homework to find ways to improve these clubs by lowering the spin rate, increasing the ball speed, and making the […]

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Honma Beres S-03 Driver Review

Honma Beres S-03 Driver

Before talking about the driver, I want to give you some information about Honma golf and what separates them from other golf companies. To start, Honma hand-crafts all of their clubs from start to finish in Sakata, Japan. No other company in the United States makes every single component of their golf […]

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons

The Tour Preferred CB irons are one of three models TaylorMade has in the Tour Preferred line. The CB’s are the most forgiving model in these line of irons. The CB stands for cavity backed making them more forgiving than blades or muscle cavity irons. These irons fit right between a low-handicap iron and game […]

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Callaway Big Bertha V-Series Driver Review

Callaway Big Bertha V-Series Driver

Callaway has decided to revamp the Big Bertha and the X2 hot driver by combining them into one product designed for mass appeal. The Big Bertha V-Series has been designed for speed, which will help improve distance. The first thing that stuck out for me with this driver is how good […]

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Cobra Bio Cell + Driver Review

Cobra Bio Cell + Driver Review

A few years ago Cobra decided to put some style and flash to their drivers, mostly due to the fact that Ricky Fowler promotes their clubs. The first few years they were known just for the flash but now Cobra is backing up their flash with results, BIG TIME. The […]

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Scor 4161 Wedges

Scor 4161 Wedges
Most wedge manufacturers sell wedges from 48-62 degrees of loft, but not Scor. Scor has changed the game.  These wedges, or as they like to say scoring clubs, come in 41 to 63 degrees of loft. That means you now can have the same type of clubs from your wedges all the way […]

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Callaway Apex Utility Iron

Callaway Apex Utility Iron

Just so everyone knows, utility irons (driving irons) are not designed for everyone. They are designed more towards the better/lower handicap player. These clubs have the look and feel of a longer iron, while being a little bit more bulky and forgiving. Another plus on driving irons is that they are extremely […]

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Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway Wood

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway Wood

This is a lesser known brand compared to the big dogs in the market like Taylor Made or Callaway, but don’t think that means they make an inferior club. In fact, many tour players actually pay to buy their clubs because Tour Edge doesn’t sponsor any pros. That right there […]

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Top 5 FAQ When Getting Fitted For Clubs

5 FAQ When Getting Fit For Clubs, and of course, the answers to them!

1) I need a stiff shaft, right?

Most people think because they are big and strong they need stiff flex, which is the biggest misconception out there. The shaft flex has nothing to do with how big your biceps are, but rather how fast […]

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