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Golf Professional in the Met Area, avid golfer, and music lover.

14 Clubs, 1 Bag

In the rules of golf, we are allowed to have 14 golf clubs in our bag during a round.  Picking these 14 clubs properly is very important.  Everyone needs a putter, so let’s put that aside and focus on the other 13.

Being fit for a driver is a good first step.  This is going to […]

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Cram Session

The big match is tomorrow and you only have a little bit of time to figure it all out.  Let’s walk through an hour long cram session.


Stretch! Rushing into hitting balls is only going to lead to a frustrating session.  Get your hamstrings and upper body loose.  Take a few minutes to get yourself moving […]

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Herding Cats, The Battle Against Slow Play

Slow play exists at every level of golf. Starting from beginners analyzing each contour of the fairway, and perfecting their practice move, only to advance the ball a few yards; all the way to Tour Pro’s being put on the clock, or even penalized a shot. Slow play is stunting the growth of the game.  […]

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