Most avid golfers have a group of buddies they typically play with. The crew you count on every Sunday to be there at 7:30 am. Every group has their own distinct personalities that together create the recipe for a perfect foursome.

Which One Are You? 


The Meteorologist

The meteorologist is the member of your foursome that understands moon cycles, tides and high and low pressure systems better than Mother Nature herself. The updates you receive from the group Meteorologist regarding the latest weather patterns are more consistent than your alarm every morning. You will get everything from the % chance of rain, to a link that shows you your local satellite radar. As annoying as it can be, it is great to have someone to blame when you leave your umbrella at home and a freak thunderstorm hits. The only thing you’ll be able to truly count on is that their forecasts will be about as accurate as their opening tee shot.


The Event Planner

You had no idea there was such a thing as 4-way calling, and you probably wish you didn’t, until this maverick began calling every Thursday at 7 pm reminding you that the time is booked. Although they know you can check online, they don’t trust you enough to check. They also make sure that not only are you getting an email about the weather, but that you receive emails that request an RSVP from the moment you left the course last Sunday. In the rare occurrence that you sleep through your alarm you’ll quickly find out exactly who your event-planning buddy is. They are the ones lighting your phone up like the 4th of July every Sunday at 5:45 am for your 7:30 tee time.


The Accountant

The accountant is often the oldest and wisest member of your group. You always count on him/her to keep score. After all they have seen it all. From starting a hole with Titleists and finishing with Noodles, to the phantom 3 footer, all the way to the “I’m pretty sure it’s a lateral up there” line. These golfers can smell a sandbagger all the way from St. Andrew’s. So rest assured that when you have a pal like this in your group, everyone will know your handicap is legit. They count everything, and they are the ones who find it hilarious to say “One” as your ball falls off the tee at address.


The Procrastinator

Well, we’ve already met you in a sense. You’re the one who receives weekly wake-up calls from the event planner ever since you overslept that one time in 2007. You have a love-hate relationship with the event planner given the wakeup calls, but at the same time, when you ask, “Hey man, can I borrow that tee,” you know he has already budgeted for it. You and the accountant typically have no issues, except for when he is your actual accountant and you’ve once again forgotten to forward him your tax receipts. When it comes to you and the meteorologist, you only butt heads every cool and rainy day when you hear the fateful words, ‘I told you so,’ as you still have 6,784 (and counting) unread emails on your iPhone. But, at the end of the day your aforementioned pals wouldn’t know what to do, or who to poke fun at without you.