Lee Ziegler

2 months ago




Arguably one of my favorite golf courses. With a ton of fantastic holes and a finishing 18th par 5 that always tests any match players mettle. My favorite hole on the course, barely edging out some par 5 contenders and a pair of risk/reward par 4's. Raspberry's third hole. It gets it's picture taken by me.... A LOT. Elevated tee's tucked into a hillside forest. OB left and packed in OB brush to the right. Bunkers hugging the fairway with undulating hills and varied rough lengths. Downhill on your second shot, almost impossible to find a flat lie. Undulating green sloped back to front with subtle, I DIDN'T see THAT break "flat" spots. It's just... wonderful. Playing this hole at sunrise is a must for any NoVa area golfer. And the staff and facilities are always top notch.

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  • KJ

    Just wish it wasn't so far away Lol
  • KJ

    By far my favorite course in that part of our home state!
  • Vivi 👣IG@ballspointofview

    18th always kicks my a$$!!
  • Vivi 👣IG@ballspointofview

    This is the course that we wanted for Aug 5-6 but they had Amateur Tour. Lee and I chatted quickly and this might be the next outing!!
  • John DiGuardi

    One course I'd love to play
  • Jim Howard

    Nice, my brother lives in Leesburg and we keep talking about a trip to play here...
  • Emily IG: @zoeboe4u

    Looks fun!
  • Vivi 👣IG@ballspointofview

    Next GolfMatch Match Play?