Samantha Stockton

7 months ago

San Diego



One of the last few days to sign up for the Golfmatch Team Event at Maderas with me this weekend! Going to be an awesome day 💯☀️☀️ can't wait to meet you all!

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  • Jim Howard

    I'm in if you have one July 22nd or 23rd when I'm out there !
  • Jesse

    Vivi, I'm gassing up the jet now!
  • Vivi 👣IG@ballspointofview

    Wait, you are this weekend!! Too bad I miss it!!
  • Vivi 👣IG@ballspointofview

    I am doing a GolfMatch event here in DMV...definitely can't miss that!!!
  • Samantha Stockton

    Change that and play!!
  • Vivi 👣IG@ballspointofview

    I wish I could come!!!