Cameron Ellis

6 days ago




Getting my golf bag packed for 4 day golf trip to Palm Springs!! Golf balls✔️ Fake 🐍✔️. I wonder what Vegas has set the over/under at for the number of buddy’s I scare with the snake?😂

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  • Paul "CP" Duckett

    Please, please, please capture video of your buddies reaction to the snake!
  • Rob Williams

    Play Firecliff at Desert Willow instead of Mountain, if you have the option
  • Cameron Ellis

    Sorry I meant recommendations and Rob for offer
  • Cameron Ellis

    Thanks for offer Matt! I booked the times awhile ago since we have 3 foursomes. We are playing Desert Willow tomorrow then both at Indian wells and Classic Club to finish!
  • Rob Williams

    I have two openings for Silverrock on Friday if you're up to it.
  • Matt Mancini

    Great time to get out there, specially since the snow birds haven’t yet arrived & golf courses are in their prime. Would suggest these tracks: SilverRock, Classic Club, Shadow Ridge & Terra Lago South. Enjoy!
  • Patrick Patterson

    Evil for sure
  • Jason M

    Just. Plain. Evil. LOVE IT!!!
  • Lance Raska IG @golfdaddy

    Good ole hisslot is everywhere