Waldo Cesoni

8 months ago




I just shot my lowest score ever and broke 80 for the first time. 78!!!!

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  • Gregory Gam

    Big congrats
  • Waldo Cesoni

    Absolutely Ryan. This calls for a Cuban. 😀
  • Ryan Buetow

    Awesome Waldo! And a victory cigar I imagine!
  • Lana 🐾 IG: lpyee123

    Congrats!! 🙌🏻
  • Waldo Cesoni

    Thanks !
  • Glen

    👍 right on! Congrats 🍾.
  • Waldo Cesoni

    Glen it was all the above but definitely smart playing I only used the driver once. I hit the fairways 100% of the times and short game. Not really putting.
  • Brian Williams

    Hard work and practice pays off! Congrats Waldo.
  • Ovi S

    It's a special feeling, isn't it? Congrats!
  • Glen

    What was it? Putting? Chipping? Iron play? A good evaluation is needed in order to duplicate it.
  • Kenneth Wraight

    Congratulations. May it be the first of many lower scores.