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7 months ago



Los Angeles

I'm waiting til the day I can experience a hole in one, but I was lucky enough to capture this golfer's one of a kind experience on video Paying it forward, and now this guy has his special moment on video. What's more special, is the reaction of his friends congratulating him. This amazing game of golf helps creates friendships, maintains friendships and allows relationships to grow. #whyilovethisgame Side note: Sometimes taking a selfie leads to better things... like over hearing a possible hole in one 😂 and press record.

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  • Viv IG: Stylemyworkout

    @ramonlian Sandpiper
  • Ramon Lian

    What course were you playing?
  • Ron

    Way to assist a fellow golfer.
  • Melissa ⛳️ IG: melis11

  • Howie Levine

    That's awesome. I assume you approached him and sent him the video? I'm sure he was very appreciative. Hope you got in on the round of drinks he bought his pals!