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2 months ago

Altus AFB



Movie weds !! Can you name that movie ? Golf movie marathon till tx trip!

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  • Emily IG: @zoeboe4u

    #GMBFF 😂
  • Debi Prince ig;HerbaMonster

    OMG Emily you got my dyin' over here. She got jokes! OMG your my soul mate hahahhaha
  • Melissa ⛳️ IG: melis11

    @Emily 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ryan Buetow

  • Emily IG: @zoeboe4u

    Curious, how many Halloweens did you dress up as Bagger "Lance"?
  • Lance Raska IG @golfdaddy

    Yup one of my favs
  • Lance Raska IG @golfdaddy

  • Jason M

    Stroke of Genius. Both title and marathon idea