Bob K

2 months ago

Mt Olive Township



Nothing as peaceful as being the first group out and having the next group about 3 holes behind you.

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  • Team GolfMatch

  • Ron

    Favorite time to get out!!!!!
  • Bob K

    Thanks Jim, fall weekends are tough for me as I have a lot going on. Let me get the details and timeline from the group. Should I advance, don't want to be in a position where I have to forfeit.
  • Bob K

    Frank, it's Black Oak in Long Valley.
  • Michael The Golf Pilgrim

    Amen, brother!
  • Jim Howard

    Hey Bob, I just sent you an invite to the NJ Match Play Group, need one more - any interest ?
  • Frank Molfetta IG: @jerrybroadway25

    Nice! I'm looking for to this the next 2 days of my family golf getaway upset. What course is this? Looks to be in phenomenal shape.
  • Emily IG: @zoeboe4u

    Love that feeling! Very rare for us weekend warriors!