Landon Boren

4 months ago




Putting a pin towards the front of a false front green is a bit outlandish. Especially when you're hitting mid irons. If you hit a great shot and it spins then youre chipping for birdie and hoping for par even with a beast drive and solid approach. #quailhollow... btw the rain made it much easier for people to compete kisner so far. Matsuyama in particular. Kisner hands down been the best golfer in the tournament. I love matsuyamas game and I'm actually rooting for Fowler but Kisner has been the smartest and most strategic throughout. I question the way I approach the the game after watching him in this major

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  • John McCloskey

    Definitely. Majors should be the most difficult of courses and this one is showing it's teeth. Especially when a +5 makes the cut.
  • Landon Boren

    Yeah i know.. i will say though that im glad that this golf course is set up long but also isnt set up to only let the long ball hitters have an advantage
  • John McCloskey

    Go Rickie! But Hideki's story would be great too!
  • William H

    I'm rooting for Fowler as well, but he needs to eliminate any bogies or doubles