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Question: how many people keep their clubs in their car trunk. The guy at golf galaxy told me not to as the weather turns to hot and humid as it can hurt the clubs.

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  • Bradley

    I always keep them there because of convenience and spontaneity. >_<
  • Peter Heard

    Contractor- work van- back left corner with a bungee cord- All Year Long...You never know when a golf emergency might happen! 😂
  • Sami B

    In the trunk from start of the season till the end of tbe season...
  • Jay

    Gotta think common sense that not good for sticks to be in a hot trunk all the time. Be good to them and they will be good to you🏌️😅🏌️😎
  • Justin Worley

    I was pissed. Golf course wouldn't do anything about it
  • Patrick Patterson

    Never heard of leaving clubs in car are bad for them. Theft is all I am concerned with. That's dirty as hell Justin. You'd hope people at a golf course wouldn't be that shady.
  • Justin Worley

    During the warmer months, I leave them in the car. Never know when I'll get the itch to golf when I'm traveling or such. I've had a setOf clubs stolen from a golf cart at a country club but never out of my vehicle
  • Jin Han IG: JHanSolo

    I always store mine in my place. I've had clubs stolen out of my car before.
  • KJ

    I always keep them in my trunk because most days I go to the range, chipping and putting green or play 9
  • Amanda Schwanholt IG: amandasch1974

    That's a good place to keep them Tim 👍
  • Chris C

    I always leave my clubs in my trunk. Have never had an issue in the 15 years I have been golfing and I am in Arizona.
  • John Nichols IG: @livelife4i

    I keep mine in my golf closet in my house, always ready to go. I have an SUV so not only can the weather ruin them but I also risk someone breaking my back window and running off with them.
  • Tim McGlynn | IG: tmcglynn2001

    Mine spend way more time in the car than they should still but I have a 85% chance ill play any day so they end up there a lot.
  • Tim McGlynn | IG: tmcglynn2001

    I keep mine by the front door :)
  • Amanda Schwanholt IG: amandasch1974

    I just took them out. Hopefully I remember the next time I play to put them back in. 😛
  • Tim McGlynn | IG: tmcglynn2001

    Kellen , i tend to disagree. Trunks can still get hotter than you think
  • Tim McGlynn | IG: tmcglynn2001

    Bad Bad idea to keep them in the car. Heat and humidity will ruin epoxy
  • Amanda Schwanholt IG: amandasch1974

    I always have but I needed I guess the ferrule part of the club to fix up that it's caused by the heat expanding. He lost me when he started the science terminology lol
  • Kellen

    I do.... but weather isn't a concern where I live. Any other reason not to keep them there?
  • Pat Lerro

    I probably shouldn't but it's way to inconvenient to drag them in and out of my house when you live in the city
  • Lance Raska IG @golfdaddy

    i do not , its a big no no
  • Steve A IG: @stevofour

    I used to but I now keep them at the club