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Yorba Linda



Sorry if you have a weak stomach and feel this is a bit too graphic but wear your damn sunblock golfers! Not fun, it hurts, cover up yourselves and especially the kids!

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  • Scott

    It cant hurt, Chris. They do make hair products that have sun protection. Your call my man! Not all of us were given that amazing dark skin that loves the sun.
  • Chris

    I see these golfers going with out hats all the time and wonder how that will turn out. Look at John Daily he hardly ever wears a hat.. so we should put sun tan lotion on our head/hair?
  • Scott

    Me too, Melissa!
  • Melissa ⛳️ IG: melis11

    Wow! I hope they got it all, Scott! 🙏🏼
  • Ryan Buetow

    Sunblock is not also a ball block. Hope all's well Scott.
  • Scott

    Skin cancer!
  • Malika Cole

    Skin cancer? If so, get better soon!
  • steve

    Base on blood splattering look like you didn’t wear a cap and someone lost grip of there club and hit your head
  • steve

    Confuse ... so was it a golf ball or did the club do it?
  • Victor Rangel

    Are you saying the sun did that ?😆😩🤔