Fit Golfer Girl

2 months ago

Delray Beach



It might sound crazy but 3 minutes is all you need to get some relief from your tennis or golfers elbow! 😲 🔊🔊🔊Turn sound on to learn more. . Click the link below to learn more ways to prevent and fix your elbow pain from golf!!👍

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  • Dave Kohler Sr

    Well after 11 rounds in 7 days back March boy did I get golfers elbow (medial epicondelitis) went thru 5 weeks of dry needling and therapy with no luck . Then doctor reluctantly gave a cortisone shot and has helped a lot. Word to the wise DON'T COME OVER THE TOP
  • Frank Molfetta IG: @jerrybroadway25

    Seriously, my elbow has been acting up lately also
  • Peter

    Thank you
  • Lance Raska IG @golfdaddy

    Couldn't have posted this at a better time , thanks for he tips