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6 months ago




We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Troon Golf, the largest course management company in the world! Big day for GM 🍻What this means for our members:1. We will host awesome, team-based events much more frequently.2. We will learn from Troon to ensure our events are a first class experience from start to finish.3. GolfMatchers will receive exclusive discounts at Troon coursesand so much more! Stay tuned.PR πŸŽ™-

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  • Andy

    They have some excellent private courses in palm beach area. Frenchman"s is beautiful. I think there are a few more. It would be great to have an event there.
  • Peter Kratsios

    Will release more info shortly, Steven.
  • Steven Hegel

    Can you go into any more detail around exclusive discounts for GolfMatch members?
  • Frank Molfetta IG: @jerrybroadway25

    Very excited. This should be great!
  • Team GolfMatch

    Not yet, but hopefully soon! πŸ‘
  • Mark Cudiamat

    Disappointing Troon has no courses near Chicago