GolfMatch Points System

Our points system is designed to reward members for helping us grow and improve our GolfMatch offering.

The 3 ways to accrue points

  1. Post awesome golf pictures and videos.
  2. Refer friends!
  3. Review courses that you’ve played.

Our community votes on their favorite post each day. Winning “Post of the Day” automatically enters you into “Post of the Week” voting, which also applies for “Post of the Month” & “Post of the Year”

Referring friends is a great way to not only accrue points, but better our community. Each new member adds tremendous value to GolfMatch, so the more the merrier!

Lastly, reviewing courses is great for helping GolfMatchers learn about course conditions, read your reviews, and see the pictures you took at the course. The more you share, the more we know!

How We Track Referrals

Each member has a unique referral code, so we know where new members come from if they have been referred by a current member.

How to Review a Course

Upload photos, give a course description, and make sure to tag the course!

**Points leaderboard coming soon. Points began accruing on 1/4/16 @ 3pm est.

GolfMatch Referral Program Leaders

20+ Referrals

40+ Referrals

70+ Referrals

100+ Referrals

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