GolfMatch iOS 1.6.3 has hit the store! Below are some of the updates, as well as bug fixes. Please let us know your feedback!

Bug fixes:

  • Facebook Sign-In : We’ve fixed several issues with Facebook Sign-In, so if you were having issues getting in, you should be all set now!
  • Push Notifications : We noticed some of you guys/gals were not receiving push notifications when someone sent you a Match Invite or Match Request, which we have fixed. Please double check that your iPhone has Push Notifications enabled, specifically Alerts, for GolfMatch.


  • From the initial feedback of Matches, we learned that it was difficult to invite the golfers you wanted to play with on the fly after getting to their profile through Discover Golfers, so now you’ll see a new button in the upper right that allows you to invite specific golfers to an existing match, or create a new one with them invited.

  • Also we added the ability to create a match at a specific golf course, after getting to their profile through Discover Courses

  • Something new you will also see if you have Push Notifications enabled for Matches (check in your GolfMatch settings), you will receive periodic push notifications when Matches are happening in your area. It can be cumbersome to be checking GolfMatch all the time for matches in your area, so we will do the legwork for you.


This is a minor update as the following one will focus on some big performance upgrades that will allow us to make exciting enhancements, so stay tuned! If you have any feedback as to how we can better your GolfMatch experience please comment below. Thank you!