Happy Halloween hackers!

Hope fall has treated you all well! For the Northerners, hope you have been able to take advantage of this mild October weather which is odd, but a nice treat!

Speaking of nice treats, this is the time of year when you constantly see people dressed like their favorite characters in Horror Movies, TV shows, as Celebrities, and Sports Stars.  In addition, we can see endless children going door-to-door screaming, “trick or treat” as their plastic pumpkins or pillowcases become more and more full with sugary candy.  (I I don’t know about you, but I am still waiting for the day a house hands out a sleeve of Pro-V1s!)

While we do see football players, basketball stars, hockey studs, and celebrity satire, I for one haven’t seen many people dress like their favorite golfers since the T-Woods scandal a few years ago.  Why is that!?  I feel this needs to change; it is a very simple costume and you don’t have to spend much on your outfit.  Heck, you would even be able to carry a golf club which you can use to fend off any ghouls who try to steal your candy.

If I were to dress like any golfer out there I would have to be someone out of the ordinary and different – most likely go with a left-handed player just for the comic relief when I attempt to hit a plastic ball with my double-sided putter.  Or, I might just wear some jean overalls like Bubba in his “Golf boys” video which he starred in with Hunter Mahan, Ben Crane, and Rickie Fowler (Video).  Lastly, I might just kick it old school with some knickers like Payne Stewart used to sport.  Either way, I can assure you the outfit would be entertaining.  In addition, if you are not sure what to be at all for your costume, simply google “Bubba Watson Halloween” – his family domed Mickey/Minnie Mouse and his kid is dressed as a snowman – pretty cute/original.

How about you folks?  Are any of you dressing up like their favorite golfers?