Honma Beres S-03 Driver

Before talking about the driver, I want to give you some information about Honma golf and what separates them from other golf companies. To start, Honma hand-crafts all of their clubs from start to finish in Sakata, Japan. No other company in the United States makes every single component of their golf clubs in their factory, whereas Honma hand-crafts everything from the grip to the club head. This is one reason why the clubs are so expensive. Another reason why Honma clubs are top of the line is because they only use the best quality materials available. The top of the line clubs utilize gold and platinum in their design. Lastly, Honma has always been ahead of their time with the technology they use. In 1973, they were the first company to use carbon graphite shafts, years before anyone else.

Now that you know about Honma golf and why they top of the line clubs, I am going to inform you about the Beres S-03 driver.

Who Is This Driver Designed For?

The Beres S-03 driver is designed for average players who are seeking “straight and smart” performance. The Honma slogan “straight and smart” attracts players who are looking for a forgiving driver that will help straighten out their drives with more power. If you tend to hit a nasty slice, this club is for you! The main person this drive was designed for is someone who slices the ball and continuously losing distance and missing fairways. Also, this club is extremely light in weight so it is great for someone with a slower swing to increase their club head speed, which will increase distance.


Honma is known for being ahead of the game with technology and that is exactly the case with this driver. The main advancement they are using that no other company is using, is their 5-piece club structure. The idea behind this 5-piece structure is to achieve the ideal center of gravity depth. The 5-piece structure is composed of the crown, sole, face, weight and hosel. The key to this entire structure is the club face. This faces uses their new Ti-5N material, which is a titanium that is both light in weight and high in strength. Another key to this face is the variable-thickness of the material spread around the hitting area. Since the thickness is spread around in such a great way, it gives an expanded rebound surface that will cause the ball to pop off the clubface. Another notable aspect to this structure is the crown of the club. This part is made of a forged-cast mesh and rib structure, which improves rebound from the force at impact, making this club extremely forgiving. Since the crown and face flex when the ball is hit, the ball rebounds off the club in its intended direction with much more power than anticipated.


The Honma Beres S-03 driver is designed for a player who needs to fix their slice and get more power. That being said, this is exactly what the driver does! First, the feel of the ball coming off the face is amazing; I have never felt a driver so soft at contact. However, after passing the feel test, this club was a little too light in weight for me. The head was great but the shaft was just not for me. The stock shaft is 52.5 grams with a low-mid kick point, causing a higher trajectory with too high of a spin rate for me. If you are low or high handicap player that needs faster club head speed and more height off the tee, then look into buying this club. The only thing to worry about is that the most popular model of this club, the 3-star, goes for $1,260!! You better make sure this is the right club for you before blowing a massive amount of money on only one club in your bag. When you are fit properly for this club you will realize why it is so expensive. Working at the PGA Tour Super Store I have seen a player fit for this club and the results were incredible. His club head speed increased 7 mph on average, and the average distance was around 15-20 more yards! Get fit for this club and you will see why it is the most expensive driver on the market.