Long story short, we have been heads down developing our iOS and Website redesign the last 4 months, while also working to launch an Android version! The Website is so much cleaner, the iOS app is incredibly engaging, and Android launches April 9th. I hope you like it because there is definitely a higher purpose to all of this.

GolfMatch is aiming to be the go-to platform for golfers to not only organize their games, but to share experiences as well.  Being able to create your ideal round with local like-minded golfers has never been easy, nor has being able to share those amazing experiences with a golf-relevant community. We are bringing transparency and connectivity to an industry that has always been fragmented.

Our relaunch is for two reasons. The first centers around our newsfeed, which promotes tremendous engagement amongst golfers, and gives them a voice that stands out amongst other social platforms that are too general. The second is a streamlined matching experience that is a step back from the rigid nature of our first release. We help guide your thoughts with meaningful pre-text, then geo-target match requests and display them in both the newsfeed and matches feed for increased awareness.


Our main goal is to connect golfers; a bi-product of that is helping you share those experiences!


We are launching with a #POSTwiththeMOST contest, which will give our users a chance to win an set of TaylorMade irons they choose! Directions are below…enjoy :)