GolfMatch was created by a bunch of golf junkies to help other golf lovers find a home they enjoying going to every day. The community we are building makes us smile from ear to ear, but our end mission is to solve frustrating pain-points that golfers typically face.

One of my biggest pet-peeves as a golfer is the frustration I feel when trying to organize a round of golf with my golfing buddies. It typically includes back-and-forth text messages or emails that feel out who can play when I can. Organizing a match between golfing buddies has always been a tedious and inefficient process…until now!!

We are happy to announce that our GolfMatch private “Groups” has been submitted to the App Store and is ready to go on Google Play – we will release the Google Play version the day the App Store version clears. Let me tell you how this (awesome) feature works.

You will simply create a “Group” in GolfMatch, invite your buddies, and enjoy your new/more organized golf life.

You can then create “matches” that only your buddies can join, chat in real time, and post awesome photos.

We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do, so stay tuned for the release, and let us know your thoughts!