Hey golfers,

Hope you all are getting ready to celebrate 4th of July and have some great BBQs planned with fireworks, burgers, dogs, etc.
So, I can’t stop thinking about that US Open!  I for one felt that Sunday’s round was one of the most intense, exciting final rounds in a major…ever!  Amazing putts, Eagles, and drives some can only dream to execute.  While it seemed that Spieth had it all a long, you had guys like Rory and Louis making furious charges of their own.
Add to that Dustin Johnson pulling a 3 jack on 18 when all he needed was birdie to force a Monday playoff with Jordan Spieth! Ouch.
Either way, after chatting with some friends we began to debate what you would rather win – one major for a spot in history or the FedEx cup and take home $10 million?
It sure is something to think about – you can be the “one-hit wonder” of the games benchmarks to which everyone is held to, or take home a very very nice check and not have to worry about anything from a financial standpoint for arguably the rest of your life.
Me personally… I would love to slip on the green jacket after the 72nd hole on Augusta’s 18th green.  Not only would I have a lifetime membership at one of the most sought-after courses, but I also would have experienced a moment many of us have pictured in our heads or jokingly said out loud to our playing partners on the 18th hole of your match, “this to win The Masters”
So, which would you take?  A major title or the major payday?