I was walking through the PGA Tour Superstore last week, per usual, when I came across two products I have heard a ton about. Arccos and Game Golf have been getting a lot of attention lately, so I figured I would try one out and see how I like it.


I ended up going with the Arccos GPS and shot tracker because I didn’t like how the Game Golf system requires you to have a little belt buckle pad that you had to click every time you wanted to record a shot.


Long story short, I absolutely loved the Arccos performance tracker. It is a GPS system, shot tracker, and tour analytics provider all in one product. When I say “tour analytics” I am referring to it’s ability to digest various metrics in my stats and create an analysis of my game. Pretty sweet.


Also, it doesn’t hurt that their PGA Tour spokesperson is Billy Horschel! I have been a huge fan of him ever since his Florida Gator days, so it definitely speaks volumes that Billy would want to support a company like Arccos.


One aspect that I love about Arccos, which ties back into why GolfMatch was founded, is the social feature. You can follow other Arccos golfers and see their stats each week. Seems like it would be a great way to promote competition amongst friends.


All in all I am a huge fan of this technology and look forward to using it more in the future. Would love to hear some feedback as to which performance tracker you love best!


Check it out for yourself – http://www.arccosgolf.com/