Ping G30 Review

Ping has recently introduced the G30 driver and it is a complete revamp of their previous G25 driver. Everything from the head to the stock shaft is designed to give you longer, straighter drives. Whenever a company comes out with a new driver they say it will be longer and straighter, but did Ping actually do it? Lets see!

New Features: 

Driver Shaft:

Ping used a counterbalanced TFC 419D with the CG point moved higher up the shaft, which makes it closer to the grip end. This causes the head feel heavier on the shaft, helping promote higher club head speed and ball speed. Also, Ping used a new adjustable hossle which adds more adjustability than the G25 driver. The loft can be changed to +0.6, +1.0, -0.6, and -1.0 degrees, helping this driver keep up with other manufacturers who have fully adjustable drivers.

Driver Head:

1. The signature matte black color head is about the only thing Ping has kept from the extremely popular G25 driver. The first gigantic change Ping made was adding “turbulators” to the crown of the club. The reason for this was to reduce aerodynamic drag and create efficient air flow over the club head. The reduction in drag creates higher club head speed on average of 1 MPH without having to swing the club harder.

2. Not only were the “turbulators” added to the head, the G30 also has the lowest and furthest back CG position of any other Ping driver. This change was made due to the necessity for higher launch conditions and to increase the MOI.  An increase in MOI means that you will not lose as much ball speed on off-center hits, making this driver extremely forgiving as well.

Driver Face:

The last change that Ping has made to the G30 is the new, T9S, titanium face material. This new material is lighter and stronger than the G25. Ping also made the face thinner and hotter.  A hotter face makes for higher ball speeds, while the thinness of the face produces a bigger center of the club. The sweet spot is hard to miss on this club, which will help keep your ball speeds up.


I am torn on this club. I love the increase in club head speed and ball speed, but I just am not a fan of the new look. I feel the “turbulators” to be distracting at address, and the head looks way bigger than the 460CC Ping says it is. Looks aside, the numbers I produced with this driver were great. My ball speed and club head speed increased, while my spin rate was slightly lower than my average with the driver I currently have. This is a great club for someone who tends to hit the ball to the right or is looking for more distance. It is not the club for me due to the looks, but I am picky when it comes to that because I prefer a more traditional look.