Scor 4161 Wedges

Scor 4161 Wedges

Most wedge manufacturers sell wedges from 48-62 degrees of loft, but not Scor. Scor has changed the game.  These wedges, or as they like to say scoring clubs, come in 41 to 63 degrees of loft. That means you now can have the same type of clubs from your wedges all the way to your 9 iron.


The main differentiator from other companies is that not all wedges are built the same. The lower lofted wedges have a thicker face and more perimeter weighting. This means that these clubs will be more forgiving than higher loft wedges. These wedges also have a higher center of mass, which will produce a ball flight that pierces through the air. This surprised me because they do not look forgiving at all at first glance.

The higher lofted wedges are made with a lower center of gravity. This is meant for players that want to hit their wedges a certain distance with enough spin to make it stick on the green. The lower center of mass will increase your spin rate and give you the stopping control desired.

Scor started out by looking at how companies were producing new hybrids and realized no one was creating innovative technology for wedges. Most companies were taking fairway woods and compacting them to make easier to hit long irons, while Scor saw that and wanted to take irons and compact them to make wedges that were perfect for distance control. They saw that most wedges would balloon up in the air when they were miss hit on full shots, so they took the weight and spread it more throughout the club. Instead of keeping the weight in the bottom they spread the weight higher up in the club. This caused a lower shot compared to a typical high floating wedge shot. I thought this was a bad thing at first because I want to hit the ball high and land soft but I was completely wrong. The distance was consistent when I was hitting into the green. Time after time I was hitting the ball directly where I wanted regardless of what degree wedge I hit.  It was like throwing darts!

Feel & Looks

By far the best feeling wedge I have ever hit! Every single time I made contact, it felt perfect and the ball flight looked as if it was hit right on the button. I was so shocked that I actually put contact tape on the face of the club to see if I was hitting it pure or if it was the wedge. Unfortunately, I was not making perfect contact every time, meaning it was all the club. My ball marks were spread out on the face, but the consistent thickness throughout the face gives you enough forgiveness to achieve consistent results. The best feeling for me in golf, is hitting the ball clean and knowing I just hit a good shot. These wedges do not disappoint in that aspect, as every single shot felt perfect.

I love the look of blades so that could also be why I love these. The look of a blade will give a higher handicap player a scare, however, these are no ordinary blades. The look is clean and traditional. There are no flash added to these; they are designed to perform well and look simple.


If you could not tell from everything I have been saying, I absolutely love these wedges. They changed how I look at my wedges and how I want to hit the ball into the green. Everything from looks to feel, they were exactly what I wanted them to be. They can be intimidating for someone who has forgiving clubs, but if you try them you will see that they do not feel as scary as they look. I recommend to anyone who is looking for new wedges/irons to go and try these out before you choose. You will not be disappointed with the Scor Wedges!


James Eckmayer

Brand Ambassador — Avid golfer who enjoys a nice competitive round of golf.

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