Srixon Z 545 Driver

Cleveland/Srixon have been planning for some time now that they were going to concentrate more on Srixon for the woods and irons while Cleveland sticks to what they are best at, which are wedges. They have come out with 2 drivers, hybrids and 2 sets of irons. The reason for coming out with 2 of each is due to the fact that the market demands game-improvement clubs and tour quality clubs. The Z 545 driver is designed for players of all ability, mostly catering to the mid-high handicap golfers. The players who need this club are those demanding more distance, forgiveness, and a mid-high launch angle.


Srixon has put in a ton of hours/days/years coming up technology for their drivers, so they can hopefully compete with the biggest brand names in the business. The first technology advancement they have used in the Z 545 is what they call Dual Speed Technology. Srixon says this should result in more club head speed, more ball speed, and more distance. This is done by generating more energy at impact and by increasing the player’s rotation efficiency. All of this tech talk really means that they moved the balance-point in the shaft higher, used a lighter grip, and made the head a little bit heavier. By doing this, the club head speed is much higher at impact.

My favorite technology advancement used in this driver is the QTS adjustability. This club has 36 settings so you can change the loft, lie, face angle and center of gravity. The hosel itself has 12 options that cater to setting the correct face angle, lie and loft. This is a great way to make sure the driver with help compensate for the direction of your shot. If you tend to hit a slice, you can adjust the face angle to a more draw bias and vice versa. The loft and lie angle settings are used to make sure you are achieving the correct launch angle. The launch angle is extremely important for achieving the maximum distance possible.

Not only is the hosel adjustable, but also with this club you can actually change the center of gravity. The Z 545 comes with 3, 7, and 11-gram weights, which go directly into the interchangeable weight port in the sole of the club. This feature makes this club appeal to a variety of swing types. The 3-gram weight creates a higher launch angle and more spin, the 7-gram weight is their standard setting which is ideal for someone who has a smooth swing, and the 11-gram weight is designed to lower spin and ball flight.


To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy hitting this club but it was truly designed with all players in mind. The look of this club is just as outstanding as their technology; it comes in a black glossy black crown. At address, it is the furthest thing from distracting and puts all your focus on hitting the ball the way you intended. The Z 545 has the ability to help with high/low spin, high/low ball flight, draw bias or fade bias. The only problem I see with this club is that the adjustment settings can get extremely confusing if you do not know what you are doing. A club fitter who is looking at your numbers and watching you swing should set the settings! Good luck.