TaylorMade SLDR and JetSpeed Driver Review:

As one of the brand ambassador at the GolfMatch, I will be writing reviews about the

newest golf clubs once a week. Since I work at PGA Tour Superstore in NJ, I have the ability

to test out, and learn about, all the newest products in golf. For my first blog, I reviewed

the TaylorMade SLDR driver and the TaylorMade JetSpeed driver, so here we go!


TaylorMade SLDR Driver (10.5 Loft, Stiff, Fujikura Speeder 57 Graphite Shaft):


New Features:

1. The Most Notable Feature: They added is the 20-gram adjustable sliding weight on the

bottom clubface. You can slide this weight to either a draw or fade to help straighten out your

ball flight.


2. The Most Important Feature: TaylorMade moved the center of gravity in the club

closer to the clubface rather than the middle of the club. Since the center of gravity is

moved lower and more forward that means there is a bigger sweet spot on the face. Also,

this now helps generate less spin of the tee (more roll) which will increase distance.



The TaylorMade SLDR is a solid choice if your in the market for a new tour level

driver. It is very consistent with distance and feels real good with on center hits. Off center

hits sound and feel a little bit weird but you will still get a decent shot off do to the CG being

moved more forward.


TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver (10.5 Loft, Stiff, Matrix Velox T Graphite Shaft):


New Features:

1. The Most Notable and Important Feature: The speed pocket on the bottom of the club

head is designed to increase ball speed and decrease backspin on low shots. Which means they

are trying to make a bigger sweet spot so you can hit it longer and straighter more consistently.



The TaylorMade JetSpeed is pretty much just a newer version of Rocketballz Stage 2

driver. For me it, the spin rate was way to high causing a loss in distance and accuracy compared

to the SLDR. Also, since it is a game improvement driver is has less workability than the

SLDR. This club is a good choice for a player looking for a higher ball flight and more club head

speed due to the 46”, light weight shaft TaylorMade put in.



The SLDR driver lives up to all the hype that the marketing powerhouse TaylorMade

says it is. It feels and looks great as the ball flies off the clubface. It is a great choice for someone

who has a good swing speed, while looking to add distance and consistency off the tee. The

JetSpeed driver is a perfect driver for someone who needs to hit the ball higher. It will help

increase your club head speed and ball speed because of the longer shaft.