Hello hackers,

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.  After driving around the other night and seeing decorated houses I thought about a topic that is up and coming recently…. golf club cosmetic customization….

A few years ago you had the choice of either a glossy black head or matte white.  The only options outside of this were do-it-yourself methods.

Now, you can custom order a driver head right from the factory (Cobra and Callaway offer this) or you can send your club out and pay roughly $30-50 to have the crown of most woods customized with essentially any color and logo.  For a less-permanent application you can also order “club crown” stickers to see how it looks before pulling the trigger.

Outside of custom crown options, you see everything from grips to ferrules to paint fill options.  Gone is the mentality of “you can have it in any color as long as it is black” option for grips – now you see white, green, pick, electric blue, and more – companies like Golf Prides and their new decade grip come standard with a two-tone as well as a “whiteout” color option.

Even further, you can pick a custom ferrule color (piece of plastic surrounding where the head attaches to the shaft) – if you are handy yourself and have the necessary tools you can also do this yourself.  However, if you’re unsure on how to do this I highly suggest having a professional store do this.

An even further step is your clubs paint fill – replacing the “stock” lettering on your numbers, company logo, etc. with your own twist to further show your uniqueness.  As you can tell, the possibilities/combinations are essentially endless when it comes to your clubs style/outfit – some people might even want to rethink their own outfits to match their equipment.

Lastly is club stamping which has become quite popular on tour (Ian Poulter has stamped his wedges with all the Ferraris he’s owned – that might be overkill for some).  While this will hurt club resale value, it should also deter thieves who might want to swipe those SCOR or Vokey wedges you have sitting in your bag.

I personally would go with a matte black look across my irons with a red paint fill on the numbers. As for woods, I would either go with a matte white or glossy midnight blue.  For grips, I would go with New Decade in either the red/black or blue/white combo.

How about you folks?  Are any of you modifying your clubs looks to show off more of your personality?