The Birth of GolfMatch

The golf industry is at a crossroads right now as participation has steadily declined in recent years. Many organizations throughout the golf industry have tried to solve the problem by focusing on the reasons as to what the problem is, and furthermore, how to solve this deilemma. Is golf too expensive? Is it too much of a time commitment? Is it simply too difficult of a sport?

We at GolfMatch have a different take on the problem at hand, and have made it our mission to solve it.  A round of golf is only as enjoyable as the experience itself.  However, there is far too much randomness in the way golf is approached today to ensure that each round is the experience you are looking for.

Quick example: 2 excited golfers arrive at the course, and just like the vast majority of foursomes, are randomly paired together. Golfer #1 is a beginner just learning the sport looking for a friendly game, and golfer #2 is an avid golfer looking for a competitive match.  All of a sudden excitement turns to nervousness for the beginner, and frustration for the avid golfer. This randomness has now lead to a terrible golfing experience for everyone involved, which is incredibly unfortunate, but easily solvable.

There are a variety of social platforms available for our use in virtually every facet of life, so it only makes sense that golf, a sport that prides itself on the social nature of it, would have a product designed specifically for golfers.

That is where we come in. GolfMatch is a tech driven growth of the game initiative that seamlessly matches like-minded golfers at the courses they wish to play.  By focusing of the golfing experience we not only hope to grow participation in golf, but furthermore, better the game as a whole.

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Peter Kratsios

Co-Founder & CEO — Avid golfer looking to take your money on the course — I love all things sports, but my passion is golf!

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about 3 months ago

What a genius idea! I have already networked with golfers from golfmatchapp and it was so easy and enjoyable, thanks golf match


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