The Ryder Cup In All It’s Glory

Euros and Yanks,

It’s finally here! The best golf tournament that doesn’t include any monetary purse, which only occurs once every 2 years, and bragging rights that stretch across the globe.  Yes, I am talking about the Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup, which started in 1927 has been played once every 2 years with the only exceptions being during WW2 and September 11th, 2001.  The official tally to date is the Euros with 12 wins, team US with a whopping 25 wins, and just two ties in 1969 and 1989.  You might think that the US has dominated overall with only some sporadic wins by the Euros, but in reality the Europeans have won 7 out of the last 10 times! I believe this is a result of emerging non-US talent, (Rory, GMac, Martin Kaymer, etc) but this year will be different, I can feel it!  We are stacked with lots of young talent for a change (Fowler, Spieth, Walker) which ultimately will lead to some impressive shot-making and strategy.

The “war on the shore” in 1991 at Kiawah Island is one that still sticks out in my mind.  This tournament came down to the wire between Hale Irwin on team USA and Bernhard Langer for the Europeans.  The final singles match was a grueling one, coming down to the final hole, on the green, Irwin had a 6-foot putt for par, and Langer had a 18-inch putt for bogey.  To the surprise of all the Europeans, Langer conceded Irwin’s bogey putt and the rest is history;  Langer somehow missed his 18-inch putt for bogey, ultimately giving Team USA the cup back.  The pressure and visible emotion of these matches, creates crazed fans across the globe.

Another great reason to watch is that the format strays from “stroke play” which we are all very accustomed to watching; the Ryder Cup is broken down into 3 days with varying formats.
Days one and two consist of four-ball matches, a competition between two teams of two golfers, but all four golfers play their own ball throughout the round.  On day two, they play “alternate shot” foursomes, and on day 3 head-to-head matches.  Each of these matches are worth 1 point a piece.

Personally, I love watching the Ryder Cup; not only because it is the best golfers from rival countries, but also it showcases team camaraderie and the need to rally together.  The emotions are at an all time high amongst the players, where fist pumps and screaming are taken to a whole new level.

Why are you excited for the Ryder Cup?  What was your favorite year?  Which format do you enjoy watching the most?


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