Time to Change the Grips

Choosing the right grip for you can be an extremely difficult job, especially when you have no clue what you are looking for. Grips range anywhere from firm to soft, durable or comfortable, even the amount of surface texture makes a difference with how to club feels in your hand.

1. Grips For Your Irons

Every person is different when looking for grips.  Some base their decision on comfort, while others want durability or a desired level of tackiness. So, instead of saying which grip I like best, I am going to give you my personal suggestion for a comfort grip, and a durable, tacky/sticky grip.


When someone is looking for a comfortable grip, they want the grip to feel a little spongy, while also being tacky. Golf Pride decided to come out with a new type of grip this year called the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grip. This grip is the hottest grip on the market!  More than half of the grips I put on peoples clubs at work have been the CP2 wrap grip.

The great part about this grip is that is not only feels very soft and comfortable, but it has s their core running through the middle of the grip. This core is very firm, although you cannot feel it through the top layer of a cushioned wrap. The core keeps you from holding the club to tightly, letting your hands and club release properly.

However, the cons to getting most comfort grips are that they will wear out quickly, with the CP2 being no exception. So, do not get too used to them because you will most likely need new grips soon after.

Honorable Mention: Winn Excel Soft, Winn DriTac and Winn DriTac Wrap Lite


A better player is looking for a grip that will last through more than one season, feel great when they hit a good shot, and be receptive to bad shots. My favorite grip in this category is the Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound grip. These grips are my personal favorite, and I am not the only one who feels this way. First off, it takes a while to wear these grips out. They seem like they last forever with the cord running through the top and the tacky feel on the bottom.

These grips seem to have everything I am looking for in a new grip. Corded feel, tackiness on the bottom, durability, and they also won’t slip out of your hands when it is raining.

The con to these grips are that they will eat up your hands if you grip them to tight and they do not feel at all good when you hit a bad shot.

Honorable Mention: Lamkin Crossline Cord, Golf Pride Z-Grip Patriot, Winn DuraTech Hybrid

Things to Remember:

Grips are crucial when it comes to improving your game. Some people need the comfort grips to stop them from holding the club too tight, which slows down your club head speed. Others need a firmer grip that will last them multiple seasons, while also promoting enhanced swing control. Once you decide what type of grip you want to have on your clubs and in your hands, then ask the local professional (at the PGA Tour Superstore) They will help you find the right size and show you a few other options that would best suit your game.