Titleist 915 F & Fd 3 Wood Review

Titleist has recently come out with their new 915 wood line. The 913’s were great but they seemed to produce way too much spin. Naturally, Titleist did their homework to find ways to improve these clubs by lowering the spin rate, increasing the ball speed, and making the ball go further. The 915F is designed the same as the 915Fd, but the Fd has a slightly smaller head which generates a lower height and spinning ball.

New Features:

Titleist seems to have taken a little bit of their new design from TaylorMade’s speed pocket. In all the new Titleist clubs, there is something called the Active Recoil Channel, which is designed to lower spin and increase ball speed. This channel is not the same as the the speed pocket TaylorMade uses, Titleist’s design runs along the entire sole of the club. The reason the 915 woods use this design is to reduce the spin rate drastically compared to the 913 woods. Another reason for the Active Recoil Channel is that it helps keep a consistent ball speed throughout the entire face.

In order for Titleist to get their woods to travel the same distances as their competitors, they had to make the faces much hotter than they used to be. Each fairway wood uses 465 stainless steel which is thick in the middle of the face and then spread out throughout the rest of the face. This causes each wood to have a spring-like flex across the face, which makes the ball fly. The best way to show you how much hotter the face is compared to last years 913 3 woods is by sharing my results. On average, my ball speed was around 3 mph more with my spin rate about 175 less. The faster ball speed and lower spin rate gave me much more distance, 3 more carry yards and roughly 8 more total yards.


 The newly designed 915 fairway woods are exactly what I have been looking for in a 3 wood. A low spinning and high ball speed 3 wood, which is not common in the market place today. The 915Fd is said to be their players club which is why it is slightly smaller. Personally, I preferred the 915 Fd more than the 915 F because it fit my swing much better. If I did not recently get a 3 wood this club would be in my bag as soon as I can get it. The ball also feels great off this face which is not an uncommon thing for Titleist. Not only is the club head great, but the stock shafts are great as well. No matter what your swing style is, Titleist has a shaft that is perfect for you. I strongly recommend going to a golf store that already has the 915 clubs in demo and test them out for yourself, you will not be disappointed. How could you be disappointed with a club the feels great, lowers spin, increases ball speed and absolutely crushes the ball!?