Titleist AP1 714 Irons vs Titleist AP2 714 Irons Review

Titleist Ap1 714 Irons & Titleist Ap2 714 Irons Review

Titleist Ap1 714 Irons

New Features:

1. Most Notable Feature:

The duel cavity that Titleist inserted into the Ap1 irons have made them a very forgiving club. These clubs are considered to be their longest, most forgiving irons yet, with the duel cavity being the biggest reason. It does make the club look a little clunky, but I would rather have a club that looks clunky and goes straight than a club that looks like a blade and goes everywhere. The Ap1 irons are one of the most forgiving clubs I have hit without compromising look, feel, or sound.

2. Most Important Feature:

The most important feature of these irons is the lower placed CG. This lower placed CG gives the player a much longer, higher shot shape. Also, it makes these irons very easy to get up in the air without ballooning the ball. This added feature combined with the forgiveness from the duel cavity, makes it a can’t miss club.


Any player who is looking for a game improvement iron that gives you forgiveness, feel, and precision, this is the iron set for you. The best part about this set has to be the long irons (3,4,5). The ease in which the ball launches on the intended flight path almost feels like cheating. Almost.


Titleist Ap2 714 Irons

New Features:

1. Most Notable Feature:

The Ap2 irons are forged, cavity back irons which already sets them apart from the pack. The feel you get from these clubs are unlike any other cavity backed club. They feel like you are hitting blades even though you know these irons are cavity backed, making them more forgiving. Despite being cavity backed, Titleist made these irons with the better player in mind, meaning they are extremely workable and precise for controlling your distance.

2. Most Important Feature:

The most important feature on the Ap2 irons is the high density tungsten weighting. This gives these irons consistent speed on miss-hits from the high MOI design for better distance control. This also gives Titleist the option to make their clubs look much sleeker and have more of a tour profile. Since the tungsten weighting is around the edges of the club they could use less iron to give it a thinner look.


If having a players iron that is forged, forgiving, and precise is your thing, then get the Ap2 irons. The feel and sound of these clubs is unmatchable for a forgiving cavity backed club. I would recommend that no matter how good of a player you are, to go hit these irons and see for yourself. The distance control is spot on, even with miss-hits.



My recommendation for this week is a tad bit odd but this is what I would do, so I am letting you all know. If you are a played like myself, who is not best ball striker, still solid with a low handicap, and struggles to hit the long irons pure on a consistent basis. Then this is the plan for you…get the 6 iron through Pw in the Ap2 iron set, then get the 3,4,5 iron in the Ap1 set. This will help with the forgiveness needed to improve your long iron game, while still giving you the option to dial-in the rest of your iron play.

James Eckmayer

Brand Ambassador — Avid golfer who enjoys a nice competitive round of golf.

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