Titleist SM5 Vokey & Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge Review

This week I have decided to look for a new wedge and my choices were between the Titleist SM5 Vokey and the Cleveland 588 RTX. Both wedges have a similar look on the back of the club but the faces look and feel completely different.

Titleist SM5 Vokey (52 Degree, 8 Degree of Bounce, Titleist Wedge Shaft)

New Features:

The main new feature to the SM5 wedges compared to the SM4 is the different grind combinations. Although the 52 degree only has one grind option the other wedges have a total of 6 different grinds. These wedges also have varying degrees of bounce. Both these new features mean that if you are thinking about getting this wedge you should definitely get fitted at your local golf store to find the right wedge for you.

1. The Most Notable Feature:

The most notable feature that I noticed with the SM5 is the lower trajectory compared to other wedges, while still having enough stopping power to land soft and stay pretty much where it lands. This makes it a great club for someone who is big on distance control.

2. Most Important Feature:

For me the important feature is the 7% deeper grooves, which means these have more spin and control compared to the SM4 Vokeys. This gives the player much more stopping power on the green, while keeping the ball on the intended line. I also like that they did not make the wedge too deep, which would cause more spin, having the ball bite back too much.


I love the new changes to the SM5, especially the stopping power on a lower shot shape. When I say low shot shape I do not mean that these stay extremely low, they just stay lower than the previous SM4 and the Cleveland 588 RTX. The only problem that I see with this club is the need to get fitted for it. This means that the person buying the wedge has to take more time out of the day just to find the right wedge for them.


Cleveland 588 RTX (52 Degree, Standard Degree of Bounce, Dynamic Gold Wedge Shaft)

New Features:

The new 588 RTX wedge didn’t really add new features to their wedge, but why would they when their previous wedge was so solid. They made the grooves deeper and they also added a little bit more to the face of the wedge, which resulted in a much more spin and stopping power on shorter shots.

1. The Most Notable and Important Feature:

The most notable feature has got to be the face of the club. This club has the most spin out of the two wedges I tested, and also a much higher ball flight. This makes it a great club for a player who is looking for a wedge that will fly high and bite back like the tour pros.


This club from the back looks very similar to the SM5, but once you hit it you will see completely different results. The high ball flight makes this club a great wedge for someone who plays on courses with little wind and firm greens. I love the feel and sound once I make impact, and it doesn’t require an extensive fitting in the golf store just to make sure you are getting the right wedge for you.



My recommendation has got to be the SM5 because I am big on distance control and keeping the ball where it lands. Although the fitting does take some time it is definitely worth it because it means you are getting a club that is made for you, not just every golfer. Also, they have a feature that allows you to send your club to Titleist and they will completely customize your club with whatever you want on it. This wedge is definitely worth the $130.