Dear Early Adopter,


Every successful community needs an amazing group of early adopters to build upon.

We are no different. You have helped us create a community of passionate golfers that understand what we are trying to accomplish.

Connect golfers at local courses and allow them to share their experiences with an audience that truly cares.

A little fact about you: we just did a survey of all our users, and 80% of you play more than 4 rounds each month. That’s crazy!

You provide us awesome content, you experiment with our new features, you give us feedback, and you help spread the GolfMatch word to people you know.

Long story short, we love you.


Why We Have Gotten To This Point Because Of You


We may not be the biggest golf community in the world, but we sure as hell have the most passionate bunch.

Another little fun fact: we have 136 brand ambassadors across North America that help us hand out GolfMatch promo items at local courses. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY SIX early adopters have come to us and asked to help spread the word. That’s truly amazing.

Plain and simple, we couldn’t have grown to where we are today without you.

GolfMatch is constantly getting better with each new release, which all stems from the suggestions you give us, so keep the ideas flowing and we will keep improving!


Why our success hinges on your involvement


Some companies may have the luxury of being able to spend millions of $$ on marketing campaigns, and that’s fantastic, but we are not one of them (yet!).

We’re the company that tries to constantly think of fun contests to reward your continuing involvement, relies on social media to announce new product releases, and works 24/7 because building GolfMatch is our passion.

Organic growth is hugely important, so pelase help us spread the word J

Imagine if every one of our early adopters texted 5 of their golf friends about GolfMatch, and those 5 people told another 5 of their golfing buddies about us…you get where I am going with this…

That right there would get us closer and closer to accomplishing our mission!


What Our Mission Accomplished Looks Like…


Our mission is to help you easily organize rounds with the golfers you want to play with, and allow you to share those experiences with a golf centric community!

If we are able to do that effectively, then we will have created a platform that not only betters the experience for all types of golfers, but also offers hesitant first-timers a tool that eases them into the game in the first place.

We hate that our golf pictures and thoughts don’t get enough love on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That’s why we allow you to share up to 15 pictures, a 1-minute video, and all the thoughts from your round that you would like…but the difference with GolfMatch is that our members actually care!

Lastly, our soon to be released features are geared towards helping you with the organizational aspects of your round. We all hate going back and forth on email and text, so why not keep your personal life and golf life separate? Organizing rounds of golf can be a real pain, but it doesn’t have to be.


My Parting Words To You, Our Oh So Amazing Early Adopters…


Thank you thank you thank you, for helping us grow and get better.

If you want to help spread the word as a Brand Ambassador, email me directly. If you have any suggestions for GolfMatch, email me directly. If you want to tell me anything related to GolfMatch or golf, email me directly.


I’m serious, [email protected]


Hit ‘em straight,